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Our Philosophy

We believe in restoring health by correcting subtle imbalances before they become more significant concerns.


You may wonder, "why Virginia Sinclair?".  Certainly Smith Veterinary Services would have made more sense...


Dr. Smith's middle name and one that she always appreciated (with a name as classic as "Katie Smith" you need something to change it up a bit).  Virginia also happened to be the middle name of Dr. Smith's grandmother whom she never had the fortune of meeting, but had always felt a connection to her.  

The original Virginia (known to some as Ginny) was ahead of her time, she had a multitude of interests, was no stranger to struggle, but nevertheless made her ideas come to fruition.  One of her interests lied in the Chinese culture and her own health issues led her to pursue medical treatment and answers outside of what most would consider the traditional realm. 

Fast forward a handful of years and as a young child Dr. Smith developed an interest in the Chinese culture and chose to take Mandarin as her language, but this interest eventually took a back seat.  Those years in between were filled with college, graduate school, veterinary school, jobs and the list goes on...

As she began to see her own patients, Dr. Smith was frustrated with the percentage that didn’t respond to traditional treatments she had learned in school.  As a result, she began to seek additional tools that would benefit her patients.  Insert a course in veterinary acupuncture, rooted in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and some may say we have come full circle.  Proud of her connection to her roots, “Virginia” became the first part of the equation.



As for Sinclair- how much time do you have? 

Dr. Smith has owned Sinclair since he was four years old and now rounding the corner into his 20’s he is still just as full of himself as he was all those years ago.  Sinclair is strong, sassy, has a mind of his own and would rather do things on his own terms.  At the same time he can be quiet, gentle and level headed. 

He has seen Dr. Smith through many years of schooling (hence his retired lifestyle at a young age) and has served as a constant source of inspiration.  It is because of Sinclair that she decided to pursue veterinary medicine so we figured he should have some stake in the practice name.

And there you have it- it may just sound like a name to most, but at it’s core it is what helped this practice to begin.

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